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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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>> tension in ouagadougo. now burkina faso army marching on the capital to disarm the coup leaders. hello there i'm felicity barr and you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up: progovernment forces on the offensive in yemen as houthi rebels mark a year since they took power in the capital. greek prime minister alexis tsipras declares a new mandate after winning his second election in a year. and volkswagen faces new charges
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as to whether it rigged emissions tests in europe as well as the u.s. hello. burkina faso army is marching on the capital, ouagadougo. the transitional president michel kafando was forced out of the office. >> this is waga 2000. normally a quiet neighborhood. soldiers turned it into a battle ground. soldiers are overrunning and people are afraid of them. they shoot indiscriminately. francois and his neighbors have had enough.
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>> translator: we don't people in control. all we want is peace. >> reporter: playing role in the last three coups in burkina faso, he wants to control people on the streets. this is what we have seen on the streets, burning tires, firing rapid machine guns. their negotiations continue. after three days behind doors, the u.n. envoy and diplomats call for civilian rule, nothing coup leaders would agree to. >> second option is n one that o one wants. chaos. >> the officials are uncomfortable. >> let's be clear the men behind
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the coup are shooting civilians. we have no other options than to continue to fight resist and defend rule of law at all cost. >> the presidential elections are just two weeks away but now burkina faso faces a dangerous state of uncertainty. called for the presidential guards to surrender their guards at a military barrack at the capital. 300 kilometers north and east are moving towards the capital, they say to probably the population from the presidential guards. some of the troops are just 50 kilometers away. there is also armored personnel vehicles. looks like we're going to have a showdown tonight in ouagadougo. the presidential guard their
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leader took power, by force, last week, taking hostage the president and the prime minister, interim government in burkina faso. >> let's go live now to the greek capital athens where taips city's is being sworn in as prime minister. second time in the year that he has won an election. are rather a different campaign when he was first elected back in january-february time. he was of course campaigning during the election on a theme of as you austerity. promising ofpromising remaininge minister and accepting the lates u.s.a. tairt measures. alexis tsipras now signin
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lates austerity measures. alexis tsipras signing the documents, very low very different turnout from those before, back in the winter. we're not sure whether the prime minister is going to say a few words or not. let's take a look, no official pictures taking place at the moment. s barnaby phillips is covering. how much more stable does it make greece do you think barnaby? >> reporter: i'm not sure with all the upheavals we have had. the majority of parliament is slightly smaller than before. when you look at the difficult
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austerity measures within the last months, the votes from the opposition party the conservative party and indeed some of the smaller parties they will vote in tariff of those measures. so even if alexis tsipras faces further discontent and rebellions on his own back benches as he the in the previous parliament, it is conceivable that we could end one a situation where he's rest constitute at the opposition. if you like plus sa change. minister of labor in the outgoing government, you don't yet know george i'm sorry whether you'll be in the new governmentagovernment but you'lt soon. >> it is is prerogative of the prime minister. >> the turnout very low. an encouragement amount of
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disillusionment in the greek voters. syriza down 3,000 votes since january. >> but the majority of the people that have gone to the polls have reconfirmed their confidence to us. so it's a double political message. there is fatigue, you are right, after three elections in one year. that's normal, that's to be expected. but -- >> so many people who voted for your party with great hope and indeed voted no in the referendum with great hope chose to stay home yesterday apathy, despair. >> well the experts say the division between the political parties, there is disenchancement among the people, because we couldn't stand by our initial promises for a many, many bigger agreement. but on the other hand we have proven we are a force of
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resistance and we have just to give in to a kind of institutional blackmail in order to agree with forced compromise we had in july. >> reporter: you did give in eventually an let's talk about that. now, you have to pass some very tough measures. for example, pension reform. how do you feel about that? you're going to make life harder with the laws you pass for greek pensioners, in the coming weeks. >> this exactly our big challenge. we have an agreement we must uphold, but at the same time we have some margins of implementing equivalent alternative measures than those included in the memorandum. to give you an example on pensions. the memorandum includes a number of measures that provide for continuation of the legislation 2010-2012. this is going to hit especially the lower pensions. but at the same time because we have asked for that, the memorandum provides that as an alternative we could have a
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certain reform of the pension system. so we could on our own initiative have a better more fair pension system, and by this way, avoid to cut the lower pensions. we can have the same set of policies everywhere. >> reporter: that's one example. another one is sweeping privatization, something that mustemust be anathema to you. >> exactly. we must avoid privatization of the airports. but we did avoid privatization of electricity of water and of the ports. >> what you are saying rudely speaking is under syriza the harshest aspects can be mitigated by the people. >> that is the first thing we must do. to try the neutralize the most extreme austerity. the second thing -- >> you plainly don't believe in these measures.
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>> certainly not. we are a liberal party and forced to give into that. second thing we must europeanize the issue. for instance, in the other issue in the labor industries, we must legislate doorgd good european d european practices. whether this model prevails will undermine what is happening to greece in the own parties. >> are there have been some voitionvoices of concern. mar tifn schultz martin schultzf a church in the state the treatment of refugees and migrants is much less liberal
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and progressive. why do you choose this extremist partner? >> it is true, with regard to the church or immigration. but the central issue, greece is a democracy. we don't want rigidity, further austerity. much clear liberal agenda so we cannot have any part of agreement with them. take into account that some of these political parties are closely affiliated with the oligarchs. >> thank you very much annal outgoing minister in the previous syriza government, hoping to be reappointed. we might see that later on tonight or in the morning fellist t. felicity. >> thank you, barnaby. at least two soldiers were
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killed in a blast in the capital mogadishu, somalia. (f) hashem ahelbarra reports >> as happy birthday hashemahelo sign in let up in the conflict. >> central city of ta'izz where fighting has flared over the last few days. government troops backed by coalition forces are on the offensive in the province of mareb but progress is slow. >> translator: the terrain isn't helpful at all. the houthis have mind most of the fields in this area so we are cautious and yemen's new
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army hasn't deployed fully. leader remains defiant. >> we are confident we will ultimately prevail. our people have defeated invaders in the past and we will do the same thing again. we will continue the fight until we liberate each and every inch of our country. >> reporter: the houthi leader seeming to willing to compromise. his group has freed three saudi hostages as well as two americans and a briton. a senior heu houthi official and oclose aid to former president ali abdullah saleh. oman is trying to peed 88th a settlement between yemen's warring faction he but a peace deal may be a long way. other houthi stronghold, yemen's
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internationally recognized government says it will only join talks if the houthis hand over weapons and withdrawal from cities they have captured. hashem ahelbarra, al jazeera. >> united nations residence coordinator in yemen says issues are continuing. >> our position in this conflict cannot be sofd. solved. as we talk we will give it another try, our political team is there, the agai secretary-gel is in mosca cp, that is the momenca, restart politicalproce. >> still to come on the program, as millions arrive in mecca for the hajj pilgrimage we'll look
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o into the stories that are making our world what it is. >> welcome back.a reminder of ts here on al jazeera. there are fears of more violence in burkina faso moving in on the capital ouagadougo.
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it's one year since houthi rebels captured yemen's capital sanaa. fighting is continuing in the cub. saudi led coalition killing at least 30 people. and alexis tsipras wins parliamentary election in greece. deposit strike in aleppo attacked targeted a popular neighborhood market. authorities still trying to reach dead and injured. russia's ministry has called for action after a shell fell on its compound in damascus. , announcement was made by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who is in russia for talks with president vladimir putin for security on the syrian
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border. russian weapons could end up reaching fighters on the golan heights. ftc al jazeera april peter sharp has the latest from moscow. >> prime minister netanyahu said both sides had agreed to coordinate their military action in syria. now that came as a result of sideline meetings between two ministers to try and get around any possible misunderstandings which was the euphemism that it could cause a trade in fire between the two sides. the situation is pretty fraught, really, because you have on the ground russian technicians with some of the most advanced surface to air missiles in the world and in the air you have israeli pilots who are prepared to take on any hezbollah convoys
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if they feel those weapons are being smuggled out of syria to the hezbollah bases. so it is a situation that needed urgent attention and they agreed on that today. stockvolkswagen stocks fell% in a day and could get worse. vw is facing more questions whether it's happened in europe as well. jonah hull reports. >> reporter: this was the frankfurt international motor show on monday. the volkswagen stand under the bonnet a dark secret revealed last week by the environmental protection agency in the united states. volkswagen it says has been falsifying data for years to embellish the clean air credentials of its much prized turbodiseelturbodiesel tdi engi.
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>> fines and class action lawsuits. what's also very important. volkswagen's image is severely damaged. >> reporter: the news for makers of the people's car the famous beat l famousl beetle coh worse. >> they are recalling half a million diesel powered cars, belt between 2009 and 2015. epa is talking about a fine of potentially as much as $18 billion which would be the highest ever levied consequence an auto maker. >> $18 billion is of course an enormous amount of money and half a million cars recalled, in the u.s. the epa says the cars must be returned to proper functioning
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and emission inquiry into vehicles sold in europe and you can see the potential for total catastrophe for volkswagen gets bigger and bigger. nor does it stop there. vw has set its course on engines to be run on clean diesel. the very idea is cast into doubt. >> very large noxious gases, the viable of diesel will come into question.for vw who has invested so much in clean diesel strategy it will be a material blow. >> it is colossally damaging for brand. this week the company's ceo has been forced to apologize to customers for breache breachingr trust. jonah hull, al jazeera, lon. hungary who has been taking
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harsh line on refugees, hundreds are trying to board trains to take them to croatia. hungary president victor orban. >> are now managing to move them north through the continent. border crossings which had been packed with people are gradually emptying as the refugees are bussed towards slovenia and austria. lawrence lee reports. >> as chaotic as this summer's been it's now becoming clear that the refugees might hope that their journeys would be a little quicker a little less painful but this reception center in slovenia on the move towards austria and germany.
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are they happy? >> yes, these countries. >> when will you go to austria do you think? >> austria maybe today. after lunch. >> reporter: on the train? >> yes, on the train. >> like its neighbors to the southeast, slovenia is showing a sense of awareness. they recognize that the movements of people from serbia is getting faster. at the end of the summer it appears on the most basic level that europe is finally showing a bit more organization. >> translator: it's true. we have 250 beds available here. the refugees change every day. as soon as 250 leave, the next people arrive. >> so the next bus turns up, off they come and they're asked to go in. the reinforce why slovenia can cope with these influctuates of refugees is because the turn around of people is so fast about refugees only spend about
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12 hours here, have a rest, change, and move on. that in turn frees up bed space for next ways to come. but even spending a few hours was too much to this group. they refused to go in, just wanted to go to the railway station. after weeks of being herded around their patience was thin. >> train station thank you slovenia. train station or bus station, that's it. >> so if they walk into lines a few hundred meters up the road and into the train station. the $18 tickets would take them to the other side of the austrian border. what they didn't know you could get a train straight from here to the netherlands. something at least is working now, the countries have given up trying to keep people from going where they want to. lawrence lee, al jazeera,
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slovenia. >> millions of muslims have arrived in mecca in saudi arabia for the annual hajj pilgrimage. saudi authority has deployed thousands of security personnel to help with logistical issues. >> safety of the pilgrims converging on to mecca. more than 2 million people are expected to arrive in mecca to perform the hajj. now on tuesday the pilgrims will leave mecca and go to minnah to get ready to move to arra, there all the people tall pilgrims will converge and will perform their ritual at one place at one time and there will be some movement. the challenge is to control
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their movement an make sure they move safely without any stampedes or any incidents. over ten days ago a big massive crane fell onto the eastern side of the mosque. killed 107 people and wounded more than 200. now let me tell you why that incident happened, because the grand morveg has turne mosque ha big construction site. authorities want to expand the size of the mosque to come to mecca to perform the pilgrimage. blamed the incident on bad weather and also misuse of the heavy equipment. the main contractor was suspended however, things are going to plan. the incident didn't deter the many pilgrims to perform the hajj this year. >> hugely popular "game of
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thrones" has won 12 awards. joe tan has more on a milestone night for diversity. >> voila davis how to get away with murder. >> entertainment tv loves make history and the 67th a&m 67th ey awards. >> let me tell you something the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. [applause] >> reporter: it was a sweet victory for the fantasy epic "game of thrones" with 12 prizes in total including outstanding drama series. the show holds the record for the most tv academy awards in any other, surpassing "west
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wing." >> thank you all for watching. >> there was the usual humor like this from four time out standinoutstanding comedy actrea lew idreyfuss. >> what a great honor it must be for you to honor me tonight, let me quote oh god oh no no i'm so sorry. donald trump said that. i'm sorry. >> madmen's leading actor john hamm went home with his first trophy after eight nominations for role while host jon stewart wrached uwrapped up his stint we daily show. stewart left the show in august after historic 16 year run marked with multiple awards. >> thank you so very much, you
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will never have to see me again. thank you. >> jerald tan, al jazeera. >> and let me just remind you you can find out much more on many of our stories by going going to our website. that's what the front page looks like at the moment, the address is s >> republican presidential candidate ben carson says the muslimmuslims should not be in e white house. now a major civil rights group says he should drop out of the race. volkswagen is paying the price for an emissions scandal. thousands of cars are being recalled as vw stock plunges. pope francis travels to southern cuba,


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